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AR visiting card

As a way to engage clients directly with our services we came up with the nextgen concept of an Augmented Reality Visiting Card. It not only showcases the identity of our brand but also acts as an effective sales pitch by associating our brand with new-age digital technologies. By scanning the card, an AR experience of our services is initiated.
An AR Visiting Card can be used for:
– Branding of company
– Sales pitch for the company
– Nextgen visiting card

AR Medical Equipments

To make product interaction and showcase easier and more efficient, we helped Matrix Medicals by creating an Augmented Reality application. As a medical equipment supplier, their sales pitch process became easier, eliminating the need to carry heavy equipment from one place to another – which by the way, is sustainable for the environment as well. Using the same approach, projects in education and training can be explored making classes and skill development courses interactive.
A similar application can be used for: – Sales pitch
– Product showcase
– Product interaction
– Education and training

Furniture AR

With AR furniture we took the ‘try before you buy’ approach, wherein customers can virtually try out furniture, not worrying about bad decisions, which removes a huge weight from their shoulders before the big purchase. Manufacturers can use it to create interactive product showrooms and also customize the furniture before production. It can also be used by interior design students for hands-on real-life projects.
This application can therefore be used for:
– Interior designing
– Product showcase
– Education and training

Virtual showroom

Tasked with the creation of a virtual experience to showcase products, we created a virtual showroom for Global and Garware window films. It was a step towards making the company globally interactive. Using this approach, exhibitions and showrooms can be made more interactive and efficient with elements like customizing customer service and reducing the need to make the trip to an actual physical place – reducing your carbon footprint and making it sustainable for the environment.
Such virtual exhibition can be used for:
– Product showcase
– Tourism
– Real estate

Battle AR game

We created an AR battle game to immerse players in lifelike interactive simulations of battle, giving the best gaming experience.
We provide game development services that can also be used in training and education as well as in Entertainment.

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